Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Seven Deadly Rice Pudding Sins

1. It's runny or soupy.
2. The top of the pudding is caked.

I don't mean that there's pudding crust in the bowl; that's fine. But when the surface of the pudding is kind of dried out, that means that they pre-served the portions and threw them all in the fridge instead of serving it out "fresh" when I ordered it. It's probably psychological, but when I can tell it's a pre-served bowl, it tastes different to me. And by "different," I mean "worse."

3. Raisins come with it automatically.
4. Too much cinnamon.

Rice pudding is not the most exciting dish in the world, but it's not supposed to be. Souping up the engine with an opaque layer of cinnamon leads to sneezing, and dark muttering.

5. It's actually tapioca.

Nothing against tapioca, but it's not what I ordered.

6. It's not sweet enough.

Not a frequent sin, thank God, but if you order the RP with whipped cream, you really notice it. (I usually go straight no chaser.)

7. It's served in a sundae dish.

Probably more of a peeve than a sin, but it bugs me and this is my blog so there.

Did I miss any?


tina said...

Rice is undercooked! Eugh!

SaturnCat said...

I don't know how widespread this is but... I hate when restaurants make rice pudding out of a rice other than your garden-variety white. Like, they try to make a gourmet dish out of it by using long-grain brown, and... no. Rice pudding is a comfort food, and it ain't broke, so don't fix it. Though, I do like raisins. (Sorry, Sars.)

White Trasherati said...

Once had it served in a metal sundae dish, with a heavy lacquer of cinnamon, WITH a maraschino cherry on top, and still covered in the PLASTIC WRAP. Sorry for all the caps, but I'm still shaking.

cremarie said...

I ran across a shop in New York once that only serves rice pudding - Rice to Riches, I think? They had flavors that should never be found in rice pudding, like coffee and rocky road. I did like the coconut variety, but anything that strays too far from the standard raisins-and-cinnamon fare is too much for me.

Lily said...

I totally agree on the mutant flavors served at Rice to Riches -- just, no. Also, the ones that were sort of okay-sounding, like vanilla, were so rich and heavy that I couldn't eat more than half a serving. So there's my peeve -- too pudding-y, not rice-y enough.

Hazel Stone said...

I had a lovely rice-pudding-esque dessert at a local Indian place very spicy (in a cardamom and cinnamon way) with little slivers of almonds.

YUM and again YUM!!!

adventures in disaster said...

The very best rice pudding can be found at the Greek restaurant in Allentown downtown Buffalo. We used to cross the border just to eat rice pudding..raisins i am hungry.