Friday, February 24, 2006

"Dineromon": Chapter Two

Grecian Corner Restaurant
234 7th Avenue (at 4th Street)
F to 7th Avenue; B67
Reviewed by D3

The Order: The Hungrier Man (that's my unofficial moniker for the Hungry Man + an extra egg, because, really, one egg is kind of weak when you're "hungry"); coffee.

The Food: The centerpiece is two large pancakes mysteriously draped in a slice of ham (the HM includes one piece of bacon, one sausage, and one piece of ham). I actually prefer to coat my griddle-y goodness in syrup, not ham juice. Fortunately, it hasn't settled in too much and I can quickly achieve proper separation.

The pancakes are serviceable. The scrambled eggs are properly dry (but not dehydrated). The bacon is chewy (sorry, crispy fans).

The Drinks: Coffee. Check (prompt, hot, and within the acceptable strength range). Refills without nagging.

The Service: I liked our waiter. He handled my friend's questions about the relative masculinity of the Hungry Man and the Lumberjack with reasonable aplomb (or, at least, friendly confusion). Service is efficient.

The Surroundings: I sat below a large painting of a Pegasus. He looked friendly enough. The booths are exceedingly narrow, such that it is impossible not to knock knees and play footsie with your companion across the table. And this is not just one of the booths; it's all of them.

Miscellany: The context of the day -- the Big One of 2006 -- makes the experience of hot food and, more importantly, hot coffee, extra good.

The Grecian Corner is clearly upstaged by the Purity Diner three blocks away, which has bigger space, bigger booths, and a 10-pound menu. But the GC definitely has the cozy factor and, despite the more limited fare, it has both the Hungry Man and the Lumberjack, which make it a more quintessential experience.


HaloJonesFan said...

Was this actually reviewed by the D3? Of "One Angry Sars" fame?

Sars said...

No, not that D3. Different D3.